FEATURING EBIZO Published by Ichikawa Danjuro Jimusho, 2006

Backstage at the Kabuki

Photographs by Frederic Aranda, Texts by Ichikawa Danjuro Jimusho and Illustrations by Michiko Furutani

Seldom seen from the inside, the ancient world of Kabuki theatre is a beauty to behold. Frederic Aranda had the rare opportunity of entering the private realm of Kabuki backstage, resulting in an exclusive series of photographs celebrating the metamorphosis of Kabuki actors before a performance. This book offers a unique glimpse into the captivating world of Kabuki and includes interviews with the actors and show producers.

Featuring Ebizo focuses on young Kabuki superstars Ichikawa Ebizo XI and Ichikawa Kamejiro II, the two modern success-stories of the Ichikawa acting dynasty.









Distributed in Japan by Ichikawa Danjuro Jimusho.
Format: Paperback / Language: Japanese / Category: Theatre
Trim Size: 7”1/2′ x 10”, 19 x 26 cm
Pages: 45
Colour Illustrations: 50