“Aranda works against the grain. His images shirk traditionally hierarchical, staid forms of group portraiture, and aim for naturalism and diversity.”


The British Journal of Photography – Read more here



“Aranda’s portraiture aims to communicate the subject’s humanity and strength, expressing as much as possible about a person in one, singular image.

It’s earned him a place as a favourite photographer for top brand style magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar.”


BBC News – Read more here



“Perhaps mindful of its painful uncoolness, the GREAT campaign launched a competition alongside the Royal Photographic Society and Heathrow Airport for new images to be displayed in prominent places at the UK’s largest airport. One of the winning entries was shot by London-based snapper Frederic Aranda of a group of refugees in Smithfields Market… Aranda has donated his prize money to each of the refugees in the picture. Now that’s truly great.” 


Monocle – Read more here



“‘Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors’ features new works from leading contemporary photographers, alongside photographs by the Duchess of Cambridge. Images show the special connections between Holocaust survivors and the younger generations of their families.” 


The Times – Read more here



“Every Year, the British Journal of Photography organises the Portrait of Britain photography Award. In January this year, the winners of the 2022 award were announced.”


Strand Magazine – Read more here



‘A new collection of photographs reveals the lives survivors have built and the legacies they have passed down the generations.”


The Guardian – Read more here



“Growing up in Switzerland in the 80s, I was intrigued by the singular little red box of raisins that stood out of my school lunchbox every day.” – Frederic Aranda


Vanity Fair – Read more here



“Photographer Frederic Aranda created a series of group portraits celebrating NHS workers at the Royal Free and Barnet hospitals in London, from intensive care doctors to porters.”


The Guardian Newspaper – Read more here



“His vast array of portraiture always communicates its subject in an overtly human and beautiful way.”


Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Read more here



“Naomi Campbell criticises lack of diversity at Vogue”


The Guardian Newspaper – Read more here



““I trusted Freddie,” she says. “He knows how to make a woman feel beautiful.””


New York Times – Read more here



“Here’s a first: editors from all the Vogue magazines seated together.” – Cathy Horyn


New York Times – Read More here



“One of London’s most sought-after portrait photographers is one of its most unlikely: the Swiss-born Frederic Aranda, who wanted to be a rabbi as a child and then studied Japanese at Oxford University.”


San Francisco Chronicle – Read more here



Winner First Prize, Editorial category with group portraits


Swiss Photo Awards 2018 – Read more here



“Фотограф Фредерик Аранда любит снимать именно портреты, называя их самым честным видом фотоискусства.”


VOGUE Ukraine – Read more here



“For Aranda, the true challenge of portraiture is to try and express as much as possible about a person in one, singular image.”


Aesthetica Magazine – Read more here



“Sir Ian McKellen in a duvet and Grayson Perry holding a baby are shortlisted portraits among stunning entries for international photography prize.”


Daily Mail Newspaper – Read more here



“Alle werden von Aranda mit derselben Akribie fotografiert.”


Sonntags Zeitung – Read more here



The Vogue Editors picture explained


British Vogue – Read more here



“Eines der wichtigsten Fotos, das jemals für die Vogueaufgenommen wurde, stammt aus dem Jahr 2011 und erschien niemals als Titelbild”


Süddeutsche Zeitung – Read more here



United Nations Of Photography Podcast: A Photographic Life Episode 194 Plus Frederic Aranda


UNOPhotography – Listen Here